Animal Spirit Deck by The Wild Unknown

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The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck is exquisitely illustrated by Kim Krans of Portland, OR. Novices and seasoned readers alike may implement this beloved tool to receive guidance and confirmation. Use it often with an open and curious heart!

PLEASE NOTE: This deck does not come with the Animal Spirit Guide Book. You can purchase the book individually here or save by purchasing the Animal Spirit Set here.

 63 cards filled with powerful animal archetypes from realms both natural and mystical.

Structured by the five yogic elements that make up all living things — Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether — here you’ll find creatures that roam the field and forest, swim in the oceans and rivers, inhabit deserts and grasslands and soar through the sky. The Ether suit holds the seven spirit cards, and represent the seven chakras of the subtle body.

Pull a card a day or dive deeper with a more complex spread. Add the cards to your tarot practice to bring clarity and nuance to your readings. Use the deck for self-reflection, as an oracle, for inspiration.


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