Ember + Aura

How I Created and Published My Tarot Deck

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Now Available--How I Created and Published My Tarot Deck. This is my simple, first hand account of the entire process of bringing my Tarot dreams to life. Please note that I did not entitle this work, "How You Create and Publish Your Tarot Deck." No, I did not. My journey was marked with trial and error, indecision, and frustration, but had exhilarating and rewarding results!

This 30 page Guide includes

-how to find time and inspiration to complete your artwork,

-how to choose a publisher

-how to price your tarot deck,

-how to create a timeline,

-how to begin to build an audience for your product,

-how to scan and edit your illustrations in Adobe Illustrator (with video),

-what to expect when you construct your guidebook,

-my card specs,

-producing domestically vs overseas, and more.

It does NOT include:

-Info on crowdfunding,

-info on creating digital Tarot art,

-or info on social media marketing.

"It is a long journey to take a series of creative ideas and bring them to physical form. At times you will be on fire with creativity and at times you will be immobilized with indecision. That’s okay! It’s all a part of the process. As you come to know the images that you are bringing to life, you will come to know yourself in a new way, as well. This simple guide will take you through the steps I went through as I produced my own Tarot decks, Ember + Aura and Ember + Aura: Awakening Edition. My prayer is that I can shed some light, answer your questions, and give you the confidence you need to move forward with your own vision. Many blessings as you make this beautiful commitment!"

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