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Ember and Aura Tarot Deck: Awakening Edition

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The Ember + Aura Tarot: Awakening Edition is a work of 79 hand-painted illustrations, infused with the energy of Mary Magdalene, Christ Consciousness, Pleiadian Light and Lemurian Love Frequencies. 

The Awakening Energy of this deck is an invitation to fearlessly acknowledge the inward messages and wisdom you have been receiving. Especially for those who are hesitant to cross the threshold into Higher Consciousness, She will be the hand that guides you.

Unlike my original Ember + Aura Tarot deck, the Awakening Edition has:

-79th card featuring the Awakening Angel of Ascending Consciousness

-rose gilded edging

- crisper images and bold font

-guidebook which fits within box


"There is an undeniable shift taking place in the collective Conscious Mind.  Change is afoot and many of us are taking our places in ushering in this New Movement.  It can best be described as an Awakening and there is no reversing it. The old ways are falling apart and breaking down.  The Divine Feminine is being rightfully restored to a place of balance within the heart and soul of her Creation. If you have found this deck, you too are Awakening.  You are on a Healing Journey; You have found new Strength; You are hearing the call of the Goddess.  This deck will reconnect you with the Feminine Christ-mind, embodied by Mary Magdalene.  Your path will not be linear.  There may be times you want to turn back.  Always return to your Heart's Center, where your wisdom lives.  Then you will remember your purpose.  It is an honor to share this moment in history with you.  Together, we can all rewrite HerStory, and thereby heal our Planet."

And So It Is,

Jamie Fairlight Richardson


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