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Buttercup Flower Essence

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Free Samples are Sold out! Who would you be if you had never been told you weren't enough? Can you go back in time to heal that child who began to doubt her own value?

The loving wisdom of Buttercup s a master healer of Self Worth. You will intuitively know if you are ready to accept her medicine, feel her subtle effects, and transmute old pain and fear based conditioning. 

1 ounce bottle

Harvested in Little Rock, Arkansas (offering given to the Earth in exchange.)

Ingredients: solar charged purified water, essence of Buttercup flower, brandy, 

Take 3-4 times daily in ceremonial communion with the plant.

This essence is made with a brandy base for preservation.

Please note, flower essence work energetically and are not a traditional herbal remedy. Although flower essences have and do provide effective healing for me, they are not FDA approved, nor are they guaranteed to work for everyone. Flower essences are not a substitution for traditional medicine or professional therapy. Please buy and use responsibly. Ember + Aura is not responsible for any damages directly or indirectly resulting from use of this product.