Key Differences between our 2 Tarot Decks

The purpose of this page is to provide further information to help buyers make an informed decision when choosing between our Tarot Original Edition ($60, published 2018) and Awakening Edition ($48, published 2020):

Examples of differences in artwork and font,

Original on Left, Awakening on Right:

New Daughter of Wands (per model's request) included in the coming printing of  Original Tarot Deck:

Previous Daughter of Wands, in Awakening Edition, final appearance until this stock runs out:

Card backs, Original left, Awakening right:

Box differences, Original deck has white wing detail, Awakening deck has crystal detail:

Awakening Edition 79th Card: Awakening Angel (only 78 cards in original deck):

Gilded card edges: Copper for Original (left--mock up. Final production will be much higher shine), Pink for Awakening (right):

We hope this helps you make your purchase decision!