Ember + Aura Tarot Deck and Guidebook

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“I help seekers like you find clarity, peace and strength by bringing ancient divine wisdom traditions into the modern world” -  Artist Jamie Richardson

What if you had a guide to help you overcome any struggle...so you could transform your daily reality into a place of peace.

Imagine an age-old system, lovingly crafted in order to gift you the mental clarity you need...so you can make life changing decisions with confidence.

Finally master the ability to nurture ALL relationships, with yourself and others...so you aren’t alone in your journey.

You don’t have to wait much longer…

The long awaited complete Tarot deck and guidebook set, created by Jamie Richardson, is finally here!

Composed of 78 original brush and ink paintings Ember + Aura Tarot is a love letter to the Divine Feminine.

Part original small batch crafted artwork, part highly effective and life enriching tool.

Perfect for beginning and advanced readers, the rich imagery of this luxe 3.5 x 5"  deck is designed to connect everyone to our highest selves. (Guidebook included in price.)

Images of all cards are available here. (All images subject to Copyright Jamie Richardson 2018.)

" Dear Seeker,

     I wanted this deck to fully express my love of the feminine spirit, both Divine and human. Each image is a work of art, created with my highest care and intentions. I love the medium of watercolor for its softness and fluidity. When water meets pigment, the result is often beautifully unexpected. So it is with the reader and Spirit. I have long used sacred imagery in my spiritual practice, and believe that Tarot is a powerful means of reconnecting with the Sacred Feminine. I am also a Reiki worker, thus each hand painted illustration is infused with the healing flow of Spirit. It is my deepest wish that everyone who feels the call to become closer to their Divine Source may turn to this deck for clarity and guidance.


Jamie Richardson"