Crystal Point Divination Kit

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Take Tarot to a new level by enhancing your readings with the energy of crystal wisdom. Draw power into your layouts by utilizing the loving frequencies of rose quartz, clear quartz, fluorite, amethyst and aventurine. These tiny, double terminated points direct a vibrational intensity towards the heart of the reading and will add depth to all of your interpretations. This divination tool kit includes 5 crystal points, leather medicine pouch for wearing, and muslin drawstring bag. 

Rose Quartz- Self Love, Aids in Emotional Healing

Clear Quartz- Amplifies Energy and Creativity, known as Stone of Power

Fluorite- Discernment, Sound Judgment, provides Clarity

Amethyst- Transmutes Negativity, Aura Clearing

Aventurine- Promotes Decisiveness, Awakens Leadership