How to Make the Most of a Super Blue Blood Moon

Posted: Jan 29 2018


  Hopefully your life has peacefully resettled after the latest and vexing Mercury Retrograde ended on December 22, 2017. A New Year always brings hope and optimism and, after a rather downer year (from what the world has been indicating on Facebook, at least), 2018 seems to be lifting everyone’s spirits so far. The Moon has had its moments this month and, not being one to disappoint, is going to finish out January with an extra special Super Blue Blood Moon in Leo. Maybe it’s the Cancerian in me, but I’m a bit proud of Her.

If you’re not familiar with the Blue Moon, it’s simply a time when the moon waxes full twice in a single month. (If you want to nit-pick, this will be a monthly Blue Moon, as opposed to a seasonal Blue Moon, according to On January 31 this awaited phenomenon will manifest with a bonus: a simultaneous lunar eclipse. When the moon falls into the Earth’s shadow, as such, its surface reflects a rosy hue, hence “blood moon”.  Finally, because the moon’s orbit will be closer to earth at this time, it will appear much larger, also known as a supermoon. If you think this won’t affect you, that’s adorable. If you, however, have been waiting 2 and half years for this moment, grab your journal, your crystals, your tissues, and your phone. You have some work to do.

Full Moons, in general, are the optimal time to recognize anything and everything in your life that is not serving you and release it. Because this beautiful Blue Moon will be passing through Leo, the sign which rules self expression, it will also be the perfect time to put on your best face and show the world exactly who you are. Take note: While this moon is sure to charge you with some really great energy, many find it to be a tad overbearing. You could find it difficult fall and stay asleep. The upside is, you can always get up and moon gaze. In addition, lunar eclipses are an important time to hold off on making crucial decisions and you would do well to wait a few days before giving notice at work until you’ve shaken off the last of its effects. Just sayin.

First of all, see if you can score some quiet me-time. Light a candle and try to spot the moon out your window. (If you are a crystal-keeper, now is the time to set them out on your windowsill so they can bask in that dreamy glow.) Take your  journal in hand and reflect on your past few weeks. What accomplishments come to mind? What social interactions lifted you up and brought out your best self? What contributions are you proud of? Who did you delight to be around? This should feel good. Now, conversely, what drained you? Did anyone drop a gloomy little rain cloud over your head and walk away? Rude. Do you find yourself spiraling in negativity whenever you engage in a particular group text? Write it all down.

Next, take your list of good-vibe experiences and people and thank the Universe for their help. Commit yourself to not only learning and benefitting from them, but to using your relationship with them to pay it forward in your life. Now, take your bummer list. Pull it out of your journal and methodically tear it up. Place the bits of paper in a fire-proof bowl and singe them into oblivion. Thank them for instilling you with new found awareness and making you stronger, but no thank you. Sprinkle the ashes down the drain and rinse them away. This is where the tissues might come into play.

Celebrate the squeaky new you! Post your most gregarious selfie, a sure manifestation of Leo’s influence right now. Send encouraging texts and heart/applause emojis to loved ones. Let them know you have their backs.

You are now ready to sink into the restful and darkening remainder of the lunar cycle as it wanes towards a New Moon. Enjoy this time and remind yourself that you chose to let go of what was holding you back or simply not working for you. Embrace the wisdom of the Universe that offers us endless self-renewal through its cycles, and once in a Blue Moon, even a bit more than expected.