Full Moon Crystal Cleansing


I have to admit, I never felt the urge to work with crystals until well into my 30s. It didn't necessarily seem odd to me, but unnecessary. Like many aspects of my spiritual journey, working with crystals became pertinent at precisely the right time. Go figure :) Although I sometimes use crystals on different chakra points during Reiki sessions, my favorite use for crystals is to enhance my dreams. 
  Just like us, crystals need a little pampering in order for them to work at their highest vibration. The more you work with and give your attention to your crystals, the more you sense their life and personalities. There are scores of blogs and resources you can read to better understand the healing properties of these magical rocks, but becoming sensitive to your own responses in their presence is equally, if not more, important. 
   Crystals can become depleted of their beautiful mojo after a month of healing, receiving intentions, cozying up with my plants, and dream washing, so every full moon I cleanse and charge mine. The process is very simple and intuitive, and involves a few short steps: give thanks, cleanse, charge, set intentions, and rest.
1) Give Thanks. Easy peasy! These beautiful gifts of nature are very generous and good. Gather your crystal friends and take a quiet moment to thank them for their help they have given you over the course of the past lunar cycle.
2) Cleanse. The day before the Full Moon, take time to clean your crystals to clear them of any negative energy they might have gathered. (If you have any brand new crystals, start 3 days before the Full Moon.) There are several ways to cleanse, but I prefer to submerge mine in several glass bowls full of sea salt. Some healers actually use salt water, but since some crystals are porous (such as selenite, turquoise, and others) I err on the side of caution and use this dry cleansing method.
3) Charge. On the night of the Full Moon, simply set your crystals out to "soak" in their moon bath. Ideally, you can place them directly on the earth. If you live in an apartment (like me) set them out on the windowsill. At dawn bring them back in. In my house this is particularly important, as the less time my crystals are set out, the less likely any small hands will swipe them and I'll find them in my shoes or coffee cup.
4) Set Intentions. What's on your agenda during the coming 28 days? Maybe you have a stressful project at work or you are trying to get through a rough patch in a relationship. Maybe you want to remain completely open to whatever spiritual growth the Divine has in store for you. Draw up your intention in your heart and convey it to your crystal-helpers.
5) Rest. Your ritual is over. Take the rest of the day to take care of yourself and await inspiration.
Love and Light,

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