Second Hand Women's Sorel Tivoli II Boot Second Hand Women's Sorel Tivoli II Boot Quick View


    Second Hand Women's Sorel Tivoli II Boot

    Out of Stock

    Classic $130 Sorel boots found in near perfect condition! The label claims they are size 9, but are actually closer to an 8, which is why I suspect they are...
  • Oliberte Suede Kinsha Shoe Oliberte Suede Kinsha Shoe Quick View


    Oliberte Suede Kinsha Shoe

    $ 40.00

    Regularly $130--Found in new condition! Casual women's basic sneaker. Great for everyday wear. Or every other day. Rubber Cupsole with side-wall stitching for extra reinforcement and sturdiness. Solid as a...
  • Second Hand/Vintage Shearling Wedge Boots Second Hand/Vintage Shearling Wedge Boots Quick View


    Second Hand/Vintage Shearling Wedge Boots

    $ 48.00

    Shearling suede and leather mini wedge size 7
  • Second Hand Cream Leather Boots with Chain Detail Second Hand Cream Leather Boots with Chain Detail Quick View


    Second Hand Cream Leather Boots with Chain Detail

    $ 38.00

    Leather Size 6.5 Shows some wear on and around chain detail Condition good


  • How (and why) to Learn Tarot

    Posted: Feb 12 2018

      As a New Age comes into its fullest light, it is becoming clearer that the boundaries between varying faiths are blurring and that we, both women and men, are recognizing that having faith in something, anything, is profoundly unifying.  Tarot reading, in particular, is experiencing an enormous re-awakening in popular consciousness. As the scales tilt from the polarities of the patriarchy, toward the Divine Feminine, more and more seekers are being drawn to the rich visual brand of spirituality the Tarot has to offer. The subconscious uses symbols to communicate with our waking mind. Therefore, suspending one’s rational, literal, and analytical mind is essential to giving and receiving a clear Tarot reading. Take heart; making this shift in consciousness becomes easier with practice. What most aspiring Tarot readers don’t realize is that anyone can read Tarot. For those of us who were raised in a tightly laced religious setting,...

  • How to Make the Most of a Super Blue Blood Moon

    Posted: Jan 29 2018

        Hopefully your life has peacefully resettled after the latest and vexing Mercury Retrograde ended on December 22, 2017. A New Year always brings hope and optimism and, after a rather downer year (from what the world has been indicating on Facebook, at least), 2018 seems to be lifting everyone’s spirits so far. The Moon has had its moments this month and, not being one to disappoint, is going to finish out January with an extra special Super Blue Blood Moon in Leo. Maybe it’s the Cancerian in me, but I’m a bit proud of Her. If you’re not familiar with the Blue Moon, it’s simply a time when the moon waxes full twice in a single month. (If you want to nit-pick, this will be a monthly Blue Moon, as opposed to a seasonal Blue Moon, according to On January 31 this awaited phenomenon will manifest with a...

  • Intuitive Style

    Posted: Jan 12 2018

      I unwrapped the silver platform Steve Madden Mary Janes with more Christmas awe and wonder than, as a 16 year old, I was comfortable showing. I couldn’t help it; these shoes resonated with my very soul.  I was a teenager in the 90’s, oblivious to the conception of the internet and the way it would change everything.  My personal style was born under the influence of Cher from Clueless, Casey from Mad Love, and the original 90210 characters.  Now adrift in our everyday  ocean of social media marketing, we are likely to double tap an outfit we wish we owned and immediately repost a quote about following our inner voice. Our culture constantly tells us what we want and, conveniently, how to get it. In this Influencer/Follower driven landscape how do we recover our own intuitive style and, more importantly, why should we? The morning ritual of dressing our...

  • Sunday Thrift

    Posted: Dec 10 2017

      I've always loved the process of buying. I'm actually energized by being presented with infinite options and zeroing in on the best one. I am (usually) laser-decisive. So, becoming an ethical fashion-pusher means that I get to flex this mental muscle less often. Consumption (sigh) is the enemy, which means I buy less and sell less. There are loop holes, thank God, and one of those is the science---nay, art!--- of thrifting. I won't go into the statistics of the toll the fashion industry is taking on the planet. I've written about it in other blog posts and Huff Post has an entire library of fast fashion/slow fashion articles. (They are all worth reading.) Let me grossly reduce it to this fact: Fashion is killing the planet. There are too many clothes on planet earth. There are clothing companies, and I won't name names, who have actually been busted for...

  • Full Moon Crystal Cleansing

    Posted: Dec 03 2017

        I have to admit, I never felt the urge to work with crystals until well into my 30s. It didn't necessarily seem odd to me, but unnecessary. Like many aspects of my spiritual journey, working with crystals became pertinent at precisely the right time. Go figure :) Although I sometimes use crystals on different chakra points during Reiki sessions, my favorite use for crystals is to enhance my dreams.    Just like us, crystals need a little pampering in order for them to work at their highest vibration. The more you work with and give your attention to your crystals, the more you sense their life and personalities. There are scores of blogs and resources you can read to better understand the healing properties of these magical rocks, but becoming sensitive to your own responses in their presence is equally, if not more, important.     Crystals can become...