• Mesquite Tarot Deck and Guidebook Mesquite Tarot Deck and Guidebook Quick View

    Mesquite Tarot

    Mesquite Tarot Deck and Guidebook

    $ 44.00

    The Mesquite Tarot Set includes - one 78-card illustrated tarot deck with tuck box  - one guidebook  - one hand-printed cotton pouch
  • Iris Oracle Deck by Spirit Speak Iris Oracle Deck by Spirit Speak Quick View

    Spirit Speak

    Iris Oracle Deck by Spirit Speak

    $ 48.00

    IRIS is a 78 card full color oracle deck. Each card measures 4.75x 2.5. IRIS comes with a 78 page black and white guidebook and sturdy keepsake box :) Creator...
  • Vessel Oracle Deck by Spirit Speak Vessel Oracle Deck by Spirit Speak Quick View

    Spirit Speak

    Vessel Oracle Deck by Spirit Speak

    $ 38.00

    Of her beautiful hand drawn deck, artist Mary Elizabeth Evans says, "Vessel is my new baby! A bright and whimsical oracle deck consisting of 35 cards. The name comes from...
    Divina Tarot Deck, created by Spirit Speak Divina Tarot Deck, created by Spirit Speak Quick View

    Spirit Speak

    Divina Tarot Deck, created by Spirit Speak

    Out of Stock

    The DIVINA Tarot Deck was made to serve as a sequel to the original SPIRIT SPEAK Tarot Deck. Each deck contains 78 black and white cards and a 78 page...


  • Sunday Thrift

    Posted: Dec 10 2017

      I've always loved the process of buying. I'm actually energized by being presented with infinite options and zeroing in on the best one. I am (usually) laser-decisive. So, becoming an ethical fashion-pusher means that I get to flex this mental muscle less often. Consumption (sigh) is the enemy, which means I buy less and sell less. There are loop holes, thank God, and one of those is the science---nay, art!--- of thrifting. I won't go into the statistics of the toll the fashion industry is taking on the planet. I've written about it in other blog posts and Huff Post has an entire library of fast fashion/slow fashion articles. (They are all worth reading.) Let me grossly reduce it to this fact: Fashion is killing the planet. There are too many clothes on planet earth. There are clothing companies, and I won't name names, who have actually been busted for...

  • Meet the Model

    Posted: Oct 03 2017

    We've had so many of you tell us that you want to know more about Heidi, the lovely lady who has become the face of our brand this year. Actually, we had a lot of questions for her, too, so we set up an interview with the multi talented Mom/Model/Artist. Read on to learn more about this special gal! E&A: Would you like to introduce yourself?  Heidi: Yes! Heads up, I’m going to lay this out like a user manual:I go by Heidi Stoker, though my birth name is Jessica Kamp. I like to pretend that the ‘K’ is a ‘C’ and this is no coincidence.  I am 31, my birthday landing on Women’s Independence day…another fate. I was born and raised at the foothills of the Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.  My family spent summer weekends hiking and camping; and winter afternoons sledding and skiing. I find honest pride that within...

  • To Market

    Posted: Apr 20 2017

    MAGIC in Las Vegas is one of the largest apparel trade shows in the world. In late February, I zipped off to this glamorous fashion destination sans kids and felt the biggest rush in recent memory. MAGIC is truly magical--It's where all the beautiful people convene to show, sell, and buy the latest and upcoming trends and styles. The lights are bright, the colors are vibrant, the smiles are big, and the champagne is flowing. If you studied fashion and now work in the industry, MAGIC cements your experience in one, big buzzy aha! moment. This was my first trip to visit MAGIC by myself and my first trip in 5 years to attend while NOT pregnant, so it was extra fun. I did attempt to drag several different friends with me for a girls' getaway, but nothing panned out, so I found myself in the unprecedented position of actually...

  • Aura

    Posted: Apr 05 2017

    Colorado has longer winters than I'm used to. The cold, snow covered season prompts me to cocoon myself in more ways than one. Physically, Mentally. This natural withdrawal doesn't cause me much concern because I know it's just part of a cycle. I tend to dress my kids in the same cozy clothes week after week as we wait for the outside temps to rise. As we've edged into April, the kids and I begin to hesitantly emerge and shed unnecessary layers, which is a surefire way to bring on....more snow. So I found myself yesterday hurrying to get Aubrey and Sawyer dressed and out the door when Aubrey (age 21 months) lurched into her open dresser drawer and grabbed one of her only dresses. Pink with rabbits. Despite the snow and the obvious pall of an extended winter covering everything outside, I put the dress on her (with leggings.)...

  • Ember Fast Fashion Confessions Part 1: How affordable boutiques are born.

    Posted: Feb 01 2017

    I've written and subsequently deleted this post on several occasions. In short, I'm all too aware that my current business and personal values will vilify fast fashion, despite my benefiting from it for so long, and that kind of makes me cringe. So let me say this up front: Fast fashion is enabling thousands of American women to run their own businesses, call their own shots, make their own money, bring their children to work with them,  and support their families. So try not to make sweeping generalizations about the Fast Fashion movement and those who are perpetuating it. Not all of these business owners are faceless, greedy, profits-over-people corporations. In fact, assuredly, most of them are not. They are your sister in law, former college roommate, cousin, etc. According to Wikipedia, "Fast Fashion is a contemporary term used by fashion retailers to express that designs move from catwalk quickly to capture...