• Ember + Aura Tarot: Awakening Edition

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How to publish your own tarot deck

My Personal Guide to Tarot Publishing

Have you dreamed of publishing your own Tarot deck, but aren't sure where to start? This guide will shed light on all of your questions, allowing you to create a clear plan and bring your Tarot vision to life!

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"The Ember and Aura Tarot is soft and lovely, and full of lessons. My favorite decks are full of lessons....."

-Indie Deck Review

"Inspired by a blend of feminine power, Christian mysticism, and natural divine beauty, this deck stands out as a beacon for any lightworker."


-Luna Celeste Tarot

"Her deck is so fresh, modern and beautiful! Amazed at its detail and artistry....."

-Siobhan Houston, author of Invoking Mary Magdalene

Ember + Aura Tarot: Original

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My Story as a Tarot Lightworker..