Second Hand Women's Sorel Tivoli II Boot Second Hand Women's Sorel Tivoli II Boot Quick View


    Second Hand Women's Sorel Tivoli II Boot

    Out of Stock

    Classic $130 Sorel boots found in near perfect condition! The label claims they are size 9, but are actually closer to an 8, which is why I suspect they are...
    Oliberte Suede Kinsha Shoe Oliberte Suede Kinsha Shoe Quick View


    Oliberte Suede Kinsha Shoe

    Out of Stock

    Regularly $130--Found in new condition! Casual women's basic sneaker. Great for everyday wear. Or every other day. Rubber Cupsole with side-wall stitching for extra reinforcement and sturdiness. Solid as a...
  • Second Hand/Vintage Shearling Wedge Boots Second Hand/Vintage Shearling Wedge Boots Quick View


    Second Hand/Vintage Shearling Wedge Boots

    $ 48.00

    Shearling suede and leather mini wedge size 7
  • Second Hand Cream Leather Boots with Chain Detail Second Hand Cream Leather Boots with Chain Detail Quick View


    Second Hand Cream Leather Boots with Chain Detail

    $ 38.00

    Leather Size 6.5 Shows some wear on and around chain detail Condition good


  • Ethical Fashion: Part 4, The Dirty Truth

    Posted: Mar 12 2018

      Okay, it’s time to talk some trash, and I mean unbelievable, incomprehensible, mind-blowing truths about garbage. Until very recently, the fashion industry has been pegged as the second largest polluting industry on the planet. However, after a recent, behemoth of an analysis conducted by The Global Fashion Agenda the fashion industry now ranks as the 5th most polluting, from strictly a carbon-emissions standpoint. It’s worth noting that the study didn’t factor in the devastating effects of water pollution from factories world-wide, for some reason. This post will vary from my others in that I am not going to put any personal spin on the piece. The stats will speak for themselves and there isn’t much I can say to intensify or detract from their truths. I will say that if you want to stay in the know when it comes to uncovering the facts about the environmental impact of...

  • Ethical Fashion: Part 3, The Evolving Psychology of American Shopper

    Posted: Mar 06 2018

              Do you remember when shopping was a big deal? In the 90’s, my family would go twice a year to visit the “big city”, which was Little Rock, AR. Most likely this visit coincided with the first Razorback home football game of the year. We would spend hours at the mall stocking my brother’s and my fall wardrobes at Gap, Banana Republic, Express, and the Limited. I remember the smell of cookies baking in the food court, the sounds of the arcade, and seeing the turning leaves through the skylights. These are good memories. Ironically, the 90s were a pivotal point in the US garment industry and what we didn’t realize is that things were rapidly changing in the way fashion was being produced and sold. This, in turn, would have a major impact on the way we all would begin shopping. But first, let...

  • Ethical Fashion: Part 2, The Rise of Fast Fashion

    Posted: Feb 26 2018

           Fast Fashion is a phenomenon that has completely revolutionized the garment industry within the past 10 years.  Until recently, the world of fashion has traditionally followed a 2-4 season cycle. Fast fashion, by contrast, has accelerated this cycle to a break-neck speed in which new product hits the floor constantly, at a whopping 50 cycles per year.  Zara, the Spanish retailer, was the first to introduce this process and totally blow everyone’s minds. Not only were they designing, producing, and distributing product at a fraction of the conventional speed, they were doing it cheaply and beautifully. Sounds like a huge step forward in retail commerce, does it not? Beautiful clothes, low prices, lightning fast turnover and presentation of new styles--what’s not to love about this? Let me answer with a question: What do you think of fast food, how it has impacted our lives, our environment, and...

  • Ethical Fashion: Part 1, About the Movement

    Posted: Feb 19 2018

                          As you probably know, my business began 9 years ago as a dress shop in Little Rock, AR. Since moving to Denver in 2016 I’ve had the good fortune of being able to redefine what fashion truly means to me and rebrand my business accordingly. My business concept rests on the foundation of a growing movement within the industry called the Ethical Fashion movement.  Every now and then I like to revisit this trend’s origins and help define it for any EMBER & AURA newcomers. Ethics, for the record is defined as “moral principles that govern one’s behavior or the conducting of an activity.” However, I think we can all agree it is an elusive term and one with greatly varying personal definitions.  When it comes to the fashion industry, many people are surprised to hear the word “ethical”...

  • How (and why) to Learn Tarot

    Posted: Feb 12 2018

      As a New Age comes into its fullest light, it is becoming clearer that the boundaries between varying faiths are blurring and that we, both women and men, are recognizing that having faith in something, anything, is profoundly unifying.  Tarot reading, in particular, is experiencing an enormous re-awakening in popular consciousness. As the scales tilt from the polarities of the patriarchy, toward the Divine Feminine, more and more seekers are being drawn to the rich visual brand of spirituality the Tarot has to offer. The subconscious uses symbols to communicate with our waking mind. Therefore, suspending one’s rational, literal, and analytical mind is essential to giving and receiving a clear Tarot reading. Take heart; making this shift in consciousness becomes easier with practice. What most aspiring Tarot readers don’t realize is that anyone can read Tarot. For those of us who were raised in a tightly laced religious setting,...